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Get -help -into -work

We're here to help you maximise your chances of getting a job, so below are the services we offer.

The Work Programme

If you are referred by your Jobcentre Plus Advisor to attend the Work Programme we will help you to find a job and stay in work.



Work Choice

If you are disabled as defined by the Equalities Act 2010, are on a benefit relating to your disability, and your disability means that you face significant barriers to finding or staying in work, then Work Choice may be for you.

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National Careers Service

The National Careers Service provides careers information, advice, and guidance for people both in and out of work. Delivered in a flexible way that works around your lifestyle, we provide targeted careers support that helps you identify and address any barriers to getting into, and on in work.

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Intensive and Specialist Support Services

For people who face the greatest challenges in entering or returning to work, our Key Workers, in partnership with specialist organisations, help to break down the barriers to accessing employment, training, and education.

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