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Proud To Be Part Of The Growth Company

Kelly had come to The Work Company in Hull having been on the Work Programme for 18 months.  Her experience with her previous Work Programme provider had not been successful and she had not had an interview for some time.   Her confidence and motivation was low and she had a negative view of the Work Programme. The length of time Kelly had been unemployed was becoming a significant barrier to her being considered for roles in her preferred occupation.

Kelly’s adviser immediately reviewed Kelly’s CV, which was bland and failed to show the breadth of her experience or her transferable skills.  The Work Company helped Kelly to revamp her CV and also rewrote Kelly’s covering letter to more effectively market her to employers.   We discussed realistic jobs that Kelly should apply for in the short term and also longer term career goals.  Kelly was advised on how to job search using a broader range of sources than she had used previously and was given advice and training on interview techniques.

Having boosted Kelly’s employability and refreshed her approach to seeking work, our employer engagement team then sourced suitable vacancies for her.  Kelly’s improved CV secured her an interview for a Booking Clerk with Kingsland Furniture.  On the morning of the interview Work Solutions gave Kelly a mock interview, covering the type of questions she was likely to be asked.

The preparation paid off: Kelly performed extremely well at her interview with Kingsland and was offered the job.  Kelly is enjoying being back in work, her confidence and motivation has been boosted, and she is being trained with the opportunity for progression.

Kelly says: “The Work Company were fantastic in helping me find a job.  I couldn’t have asked for better help.  Now I’m learning new skills and enjoying my time at Kingsland Furniture”.