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Proud To Be Part Of The Growth Company

Joel was unable to read and write when he was referred to The Work Company. He had worked for most of his life in the McVities factory but unfortunately lost his job and served time in prison. When he was released from prison he signed onto JSA for a year and then was referred to Work Programme.

Joel was unable to apply for jobs himself as he could not read and write. He was also struggling with low confidence. His Adviser helped him create a CV and supported with undertaking learning in maths and literacy. Together, they submitted his CV to various companies.

Joel started several jobs whilst at The Work Company. These included an agency job and working as a Cleaner at B+M. Joel took these jobs as a temporary measure but his aspiration was to work at Kellogg’s.

The Work Company's employer engagement team had an existing relationship with Mitie, who hold the contract to clean Kelloggs’ factory.  When a position became open, his Adviser sent Joel’s CV over. He was offered an interview the next day.

Joel was very nervous about the interview and although his literacy skills had improved slightly he did not feel confident to do the H&S questionnaire.The Work Company contacted the employer and explained that Joel would need help and they were more than willing to help him.

Joel was successful in being offered employment and started in May 2013 on a 4 week contract. Joel is still employed there now.